Welcome to YA.NET Young Adult Network, a service by KING.NET private internet media portal. Our very own YA.NET  social network to keep up with your family and friends through the power of open source micro blogging software.

@YA.NET is somewhere between Twitter and Facebook. If Twitter only provides 140 characters for micro blogging, we do more.

@YA.NET you surf, blog, post pictures, and keep up with your friends.

YA.NET is a friendly environment social networking, just fun for everyone. We have a advertising space in our main page, and a small banner if you’re using a smart phone.

Mobile access, no problem. You just need a smart phone with Internet (data) access to use our free service to keep up with your friends. No app installation, instant access right away.

We are still in BETA, we continue to make it better every day. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have questions or suggestions. Click Contact Us to send us email.

Thank you.

Support, YA.NET