If you need assistance to customize your website, here are some of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you need urgent support, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Email to support @ (without the spaces between the @ sign).

Website FAQs:

  1. How to create your own website e.g. ? If you have an existing account from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Windows Live, AOL, and other social media. Simply login here, and use it. In YA.NET website, click the My Sites to create a new website, and follow the step by step to complete the setup. It should be done under one minute.
  2. How to change the website description? In My Sites, select the site to manage, then Dashboard. In Dashboard, click on Settings, General. This is where you can update the Site Title, Tagline, Email Address, Timezone, and other settings.
  3. How to change the look and feel of the website (theme appearance)? In My Sites, select the site to manage, then Dashboard. In Dashboard, click on Pinboard, then Settings. In General Settings, click the Skins tab to change the appearance of your entire website. By the default, a new created site is using a RED theme. YA.NET main page is using BLUE theme.
  4. How to change the Site Logo and Description? In Website FAQ no.3, go to Styling tab, click the Site Logo or Site Description to make an update. For example, to change the Site Logo font family to Ariel, Helvetica, san-serif, this is the font being use in our main website. You can make changes, and use the reset settings if unsatisfied.

Mobile FAQs:

  • Responsive. Our theme website is by default will automatically adjust to a visitors gadget whether they are using computer to access your website (or blog), or iPhone, or iPod, or iPad, or any Smart Phones, and other branded tablets. In short, you don’t need to install a software or app to use our service.
  • iPhone App. The main website (YA.NET) is already configured to support iPhone App using WordPress free app.

Making Money FAQs: It’s all about having fun building your own personal site, spending time to write an article, critique, sports  update, entertainment, and other interest for creating a dedicated website. But at the end of the day, you need to make money at the same time. Great news! Here at YA.NET Young & Adult Network you can include Adsense code (or other third party advertiser) for your site. By default, your website doesn’t have any advertisement, you can add your own advertising.

  1. How to create an Adsense account? Go to to create your own Adsense account. It is highly recommended that you post some articles to your website before you apply, otherwise your application will be denied. It makes sense to have at least 5-10 articles on your website and build internet traffic before you even think of getting advertisers.
  2. How to create an Adsense code? Once you have your own Adsense account, you will login to your Adsense account. Click on My Ads, click New Ad Unit. In YA.NET main website, I’ve used 320×50 mobile ad (image/rich media) for Header and Footer space, and 160×600 wide skyscraper for the right ad space.
  3. How to add Adsense code to your website? Once you completed Step no.1 and no2, now let’s add these codes to your website. Go to your website dashboard, click the Appearance, then Widgets. In the Widget, drop and drop Text to the Side Bar. Go to your Adsense account, cut the Adsense code, and paste this to the Text added to the Side Bar.
  4. And if Adsense is not for you, you can accept direct advertisers to your website. You keep your revenue.

If you need assistance, please send email to support @ and we will help you as soon as practical. You may also use our community forum to post questions, feedback or support.